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We started our business in 1968 with Diamond Tyres Limited and later went on to diversify into foam, bedding and mattress businesses by 1974. As of today, we have a diverse portfolio of businesses comprising of Diamond Supreme Foam, Dolce Vita Home, Dolce Vita – the King of Mattresses, Supreme Home, Diamond Tyres Limited and Diamond Jumbolon.

Group at a Glance

Profoundly devoted to the values of excellence and craftsmanship, Diamond Group is dedicated to providing comfortable and innovative products that match your lifestyle needs. Diamond Group’s command over the Pakistani market stems from its extensive research and forward-thinking strategies which allow them to furnish a wide-range of product mixes, ranging from mattresses, luxury items, furniture articles, health care accessories, tyres and insulation materials.

As a group our collective objective is to aim, sustain and execute only the highest standards of innovation and systems across all departmental functions and to work as one frictionless unity.

Corporate Ideology

As a group our collective objective is to aim, sustain and execute only the highest standard of innovation and systems across all department functions and to work as one frictionless unit.


As a group our collective objective is to aim, sustain and execute only the highest standards of innovation and systems across all department functions and to work as one frictionless unit.


We are a growth oriented company, profoundly dedicated to producing and providing the highest quality products to our customers. Deeply invested in the values of excellence and expert craftsmanship, Diamond Group embodies a distinctively Pakistani form of elegance. We set international standards for comfort and sophistication. With continued improvement in our products, we endure to achieve our customers’ utmost satisfaction. Our company’s policy is to manufacture thermal insulation products which help save energy, whilst at the same time, not causing any kind of environmental pollution. We eliminate all scrap material by re-cycling and re-using it.

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Diamond Tyres Limited was initiated in Pakistan to manufacture tyres for motorcycles, rickshaws, bicycles and wheel barrows

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Diamond Supreme Foam was established

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Diamond Group of Industries (Pvt.) was established in Mirpur to manufacture foam mattresses

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Diamond Products (Pvt.) Limited was established to manufacture spring mattresses

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Capital Industrial Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited was incorporated to manufacture expanded polyethylene, polyurethane, synthetic fabric products & other allied products

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Diamond Home Textile was established to manufacture quilts, polyester wadding sheets, pillows, cushions and other allied products

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Symbol Industries (Pvt.) Limited was established to prepare insulation material branded as Diamond Jumbolon

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OHSAS 18001 – SGS Accredited by Swiss Accreditation

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The luxury brand of Diamond Supreme Foam, Dolce Vita Home was established

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Diamond Group became the sole licensee of Englander in Pakistan

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ISO 14001 Certification – SGS Accredited by UKAS

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ISO 9001 Certification – SGS Accredited by UKAS

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Englander Industries Private Limited was established to manufacture foam & spring mattresses in the Englander range

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Supreme Hope initiative was introduced to help the underprivileged

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Supreme Home was established to offer a unique range of furniture articles

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Customer Focused

  • Commitment
  • Quality & Consistency
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Loyalty
  • Reliability
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Ethics and Integrity

  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Ethics
  • Reliability
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  • Value Addition and Creation
  • Robust Ownership
  • Loyalty Branding
  • Identifying & Capitalizing on Opportunities
  • Business Driven Approach
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Social Responsibility

  • Sustainable Development
  • Philanthropy Driven Projects
  • Community Development
  • Environment Friendly
  • Initiatives
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  • Innovation
  • Driving For Future
  • Consistency
  • Modernization
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  • Truthfulness
  • Moral & Ethics
  • Professional Conduct
  • Transparency
Invention to Innovation 
                    Summit 2014 Award

Invention to Innovation Summit 2014 Award

13th Annual Environment 
                    Excellence Award

13th Annual Environment Excellence Award

Seal of Brands Foundation 
                    15-16 Award

Seal of Brands Foundation 15-16 Award

Pakistan green building 
                    council certificate

Pakistan green building council certificate

Lahore chamber of 
                    commerce certificate 14

Lahore chamber of commerce certificate 14

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015

Health, Safety & Environment

The Board of Directors believe that the Health, Safety & Welfare of their employees and others affected by the company’s operations should be accorded equal importance similar to quality, cost, production & morale. In accepting this responsibility, the Board of Directors aim to provide a working environment that is safe & without risk to the health with particular attention to:

a) The provision and maintenance of Plant, equipment & systems of work that are safe and without risk to any person.

b) Safe arrangements of handling, storage & transportation of articles and substances.

c) Sufficient directions, training and supervision is given to enable all employees in avoiding hazards & injury scares besides contributing positively to their Health and Safety at work.

d) Safe access to and from places to work with adequate regard for facilities and arrangements for employee’s welfare at work.

The Board of Directors also believe that it is the responsibility of all employees to perform their assigned duties safely by following established safe working procedures, ensuring the correct use of personnel protective equipment (P.P.E) by controlling measures and by reporting unsafe acts of conditions.

Safety of our employees lies at the core of our operational framework. Whether it is Symbol Industry, Capital Industry, Englander or Tyres Industry, we have made considerable efforts to equip our operations and kept a key focus on employee’s health & safety. Practical demonstrations along with speculative explanations are conducted on a weekly basis by skilled instructors at our Plants such as handling oxygen cylinders and more.

Health Safety Environment

Customer Measures

Diamond Group is always committed to provide superior quality products as one of the leading industries in all aspects of the market. The manufacturing units have the latest technology and quality management systems which enable the company to deliver products that are safe and which follow international standards. Company mentions the precautionary measures on each product to ensure the longevity of its products.


Diamond Group plants have been individually tested according to Punjab Environmental Quality Standards (PEQS) & WHO (World Health Organization).

  • • Waste Water Tests
  • • Drinking Water Tests
  • • Noise Level Tests
  • • Ambient Air Tests

Supreme HOPE Foundation is a self-created Foundation by Diamond Group in Pakistan, which dedicates itself to children’s education, medical facilities and rural development programs. Lately, Diamond Group has successfully helped the Mirpur earthquake effected areas along with offering emergency relief mattresses with pick-up points in Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Bahawalpur, Islamabad & Rawalpindi.


Our Covid-19 Response

Our company has first and foremost given priority to protecting lives and the health and safety of employees, customers and other core stakeholders impacted by the company’s operations. We took conscientious steps to guarantee our process of products from creation to development to delivery would be a safe and hygienic one. An abundant number of infectious diseases can be prevented during the process of creation and delivery. When considering public health especially a catastrophe like COVID-19 we kept devising plans about potential health care techniques to make our products much more secure and hygienic, and this was not something we would say but provide evident proof of. For this purpose, we established the Diamond Health shield and Diamond Protection shield.

The Diamond Health Shield initiative is our Protection Seal that acts as an additional safety barrier to help prevent the growth and spread of microorganisms. We value your investment and take all measures to make sure that your mattress investment stays fresh so we disinfect and sanitize the product twice from when the manufacturing process starts to when it is dispatched from the factory. The mattress is then thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before the packaging takes place, to help lessen the spread of any infectious diseases. Not only do we ensure safety standards are met during the production process but also during the delivery process, our mattresses come with a seal to guarantee that the mattress has not been intermingled with or infected during the journey it goes through from factory to your home for which the seal is found.

Our achievement has been to not lose the business confidence of our customers and stakeholders besides not betraying the trust of our workforce. We are all aware of the impact the pandemic has had on the economy. These are testing times and we have tried to adapt according to the situation. We have responsibly dealt with all our employees to ensure that their livelihood is not affected by providing their full salaries. One of the most demotivating factors for any workforce is being laid off or having to deal with salary cuts, at a time when money is the most essential means for survival it would only be challenging for them to deal with another obstacle.

Moreover, our focus has been on ensuring business continuity, supply chain resilience, financial liquidity and overall resilience coupled with crisis management in these testing times. Pandemic has significantly altered the patterns of purchasing power, this understanding led to an empathy towards our dealers who were struggling to cover their overhead costs. To make matters easy we took the pledge to wave off rents in an attempt to help them survive this crisis.

This pandemic has affected the most vulnerable amongst us the most, therefore, we are taking a very thoughtful look at who are most vulnerable among our employees, workers, small business partners, customers, and the communities where they operate.